Hi there,

My apologies to those of you who arrived here while searching for a salacious variation of my rather unfortunate last name. Sadly, I did not have a brain sufficiently developed to be consulted during the screening phase of my surname’s jyutping romanization over the more innocuous pinyin adaptation. I am not what you seek, sorry to disappoint, but thank you for stopping by.

To my other visitors —

It’s a pleasure to meet you, and if we’ve met before, it’s wonderful to see you again. You're probably here because I delivered this talk when I was a young Turk. I have received many, many generous notes and pieces of mail* since—thank you, all, sincerely. They were my fuel during the nadir of my dissertation-writing period. My mind has aged significantly since 2015 and I no longer possess the cognitive vitality needed to deliver any more performances, but please accept my gratitude for your kind inquiries.

To the little ones —

I have no doubt you are capable of many great things and will accomplish countless earth-shattering feats to move humanity forward. I look forward to all of it. May the force be with you!

I spend my days living slowly and observing the wildlife in my backyard, and now work as a patent agent. I occasionally post on Twitter and you can find me there; opinions are my own.

You can still write me: lisa.nip[at]gmail[dot]com. I try to reply to as many of those that pass my spam filter as I can.

Much love,

June 2023

* Please do not send snail mail to my old MIT address anymore! The mail room has been automagically discarding all mail addressed to me as I am no longer a student there.

P.S. I own very few social media accounts. More than one person shares my name and if you find accounts filled with anime/manga curios or profiles on speaker engagement websites, please know that that is fine art not curated by yours truly, and my image/likeness has been used sans my knowing.

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